Boat rental terms and conditions Tiit Reisid OÜ,  Kärdla

  1. The renter will do everything possible to prevent damage to the rental boat while in use.
  2. The renter must comply with all regulations applicable to small vessels in Kärdla harbor.
  3. The renter must follow all safety regulations while in the boat. Swimming from the rowboat is prohibited. A water wheel or a RIB-bottomed inflatable boat may be used instead.
  4. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory while using the boat.
  5. The renter is obligated to return the rental boat to the agreed location at the end of the paid rental period. An additional fee must be paid for any extra time used. The boat must not be abandoned.
  6. If the boat, motor, winch, life jackets, documents, or any other equipment are damaged or lost, the renter is responsible for reimbursing any resulting damages or costs.
  7. The renter may not transfer the rental boat (including any accompanying equipment) to any third party without the lessor’s knowledge.
  8. The boat can only be used to travel from Kärdla harbor to the Püssirahusilma pier.
  9. The renter must inspect the boat before use, and signing indicates a lack of claims.
  10. The boat may only be used while completely sober (0.00% blood alcohol content).

Safety regulations for boating from the Rescue Board:

Inform your loved ones/companions before starting the boat ride; Dress according to weather conditions; Before starting the boat ride, ensure that all rescue equipment is on board and functional and that all passengers are wearing life jackets correctly; Do not overload the boat; When entering or exiting the boat, move in the middle of the boat; Stay seated in the boat; do not stand up; Do not rock the boat, push or try to push anyone into the water; If there is a need to change seats, one person moves at a time, move low; Gather the center of gravity of the boat and keep the boat balanced; If it is necessary to enter the boat from the water, do so from the waist or stern of the boat; Follow weather conditions.

To arrange for the service, please contact us in advance by email at or by phone at +372 5014266.